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How To Get Free Media Coverage

How To Get Free Media Coverage

If it’s true that 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years, then your business needs all the help it can get. Fortunately, help has arrived: in the form of a media monster.

Media is powerful, hugely influencing and can bring your business attention and sales for free. The media is a monster which constantly needs to be fed. It’s so insatiable for content that major TV news channels and websites regularly grab content from Twitter, Reddit and other popular social media sites.   They have to have a constant stream of content to keep eyeballs (and advertisers) on their sites.

Your Starting Place For Free Media Coverage

The insatiability of the media is good news for you. It means you can put the media to work for you. Community newspapers and local small blogs are a good starting place when looking for media attention. They’re often looking for a big story that will bring new viewers and advertisers to their cash-strapped operations. If you’ve done something noteworthy within your community – including started a company or have written a book – local bloggers and papers often provide legitimate coverage that will get you attention.

A strong next step is to sign up on the website On this website you’ll find reporters in a time-crunch looking for sources to bring them stories they can write about.  The reporter will name a topic they’re researching and ask for your input. If they think you have something worth sharing, they’ll put you in their news story and that can be a huge win for you.

In a short amount of time, I racked up 30 media placements which included magazine and newspaper articles and multiple radio interviews. As successful as is, not all of my media attention came as a result of that site. is a website dedicated to helping experts and business owners secure interviews with podcast, radio show hosts and producers. Using this website you’ll encounter quirky and preposterous hosts but you’ll also find a good mix of legitimate topics that will fit in well with mainstream business community listeners.

Yes, pitching stories to the media can be time consuming, but it has plenty of exciting opportunities to learn, grow and progress as a business owner. Start small, stay focused, and enjoy the limelight!