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How To Hire Your First Consultant In 2018

How To Hire Your First Consultant In 2018

Hiring a consultant is a great first step into smart business ownership. You’ll be able to get an experienced perspective on how to solve your business challenges, gain access to a specialized skill set, and work on challenging problems without getting wrapped up in politics or emotions.  

 If you are willing to get out of your own way, you can build a successful business. Smart business owners hire consultants; those who try to do it all by themselves are often the major bottleneck in their own company and usually end up choking their company growth and profits.

What is a Consultant?

A consultant is an expert usually brought in to solve a problem or to provide insights by looking at a problem in a new way. In short, consultants are problem solvers, they provide answers.

How Does Hiring a Consultant Work?

First, be clear about what you would like to accomplish. Start with your business objectives, timeframes and desired outcomes. Talk about the challenges you’re facing, or the goal you would like to accomplish, in full detail.

After that, start talking money. You need to communicate what your budget is so your consultant can offer you a concise plan to get you to your goal while staying within the budget you have.

Depending upon the size of your company and the project, your consultant may be able to hit the ground running and deliver your project within a few days. Or it can be a longer process where your consultant is a team member and works with you on-site to get a deep understanding of your challenges and take a more active role at your company.

For myself, when I work on short projects it’s usually because a business owner has an immediate problem they need to solve – now. They need a detailed road map for their business, telling them exactly what to do, and that’s what I provide for them to get them out of their jam and back to making money.

On longer projects I have regular check-ins which consist of a 30-minute weekly call with progress highlights and updates, as well as challenges, bottlenecks and questions to discuss. We often set the project milestones in advance to stay on target to make them happen.

Why is Hiring a Consultant a Good Idea?

A consultant offers knowledgeable expertise, resources and tools to help entrepreneurs succeed. Having a consultant is like having a mentor, a coach and a guide all in one. It will require daily hard work when it comes to making progress in your business. However, once you have a plan in place you can work purposefully and confidently.

How Do I Get Started With a Consultant?

The best way to learn how to start working with a consultant is by taking that first step and scheduling a consultation. By applying some of the advice from this article in your own business, you work towards building a successful business of your own. If you have questions along the way, feel free to reach out to me with an email or call.



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