Ten years as a Top Secret government Analyst taught me well.

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Katrina Schenfield

I provide accurate, excellent, usable research and analysis using a combination of good instincts and superior training, resulting in your projects being highly successful.

For gathering research my weapons of choice revolve around extracting information from relevant sources and conducting one-on-one interviews with the most controversial, unorthodox and knowledgeable figures in your project's industry - by quizzing the world's greatest I save you time, money and resources.

I enjoy bringing you new insights and analysis on things you would have missed that would have cost you a lot of time, money and frustration.

I partner with you and solve your business problems to help your project flourish and succeed.

I work with a limited number of select clients each year. I am dedicated to your project and when you hire me you work with me directly. Along with myself and my support staff, I am totally focused on your project and providing personalized research for your business success.